Is the advice to practice when buying shoes? Indeed, it is particularly appropriate especially for women – to take into account the height of the heels in case of back pain. But that’s obviously not all.

You have back pain or osteoarthritis at the hip

Keep in mind that wearing high heels will put your pelvis forward. You will arch the back, which can promote or accentuate joint pain or low back pain. Prefer a boot heel of 4 to 5 cm. Ban stiletto heels, which can cause loss of balance and increase back pain, sometimes to the neck. Not to mention the compressed feet after prolonged standing. Also avoid choosing flat shoes (ballerinas) that can cause calf pain, arch pain and low back pain.

Too tight?

Know that we all have one foot stronger than the other and that the feet are more inflated at the end of the day. So avoid choosing shoes that squeeze your feet or toes, which squeeze you. Buy shoes that go to fitting. If they are too tight, the leather or fabric may over time grow on your foot but often at the price of bulbs and a serious lack of comfort. The galy shoe rarely adapts to the foot (whatever the saleswoman says) but, on the other hand, it can distort it. Do not try to soften a leather too rigid or put the shoe on a form with a wet cloth so that it widens. Prefer another model immediately.

There is size and size

Always try on shoes and do not just – if you’re true to a brand or model – consistently choose the same size. In fact, from one manufacturing country to another, but also from one model to another, the sizes vary. In addition, everything depends on leather, some finishes. Some leathers or fabrics are softer than others. And that can make a big difference. It is sometimes enough to opt for a half-size higher.

Flip flops, mules and clappers

From the return of the beautiful days, we see more than them: flip-flops, mules or clappers. Even men opt for sneakers or flip flops at the beach, on vacation but also as slippers or even outright shoes. Be careful though, these trendy shoes are actually only beach slippers or improved bath. They are only suitable for the pool or the beach. Thin soles do not dampen shocks. In addition, to keep them at the foot, it usually compresses the toes which can cause plantar warmth, pain heels, the arch, even the calf.

Two different models at the same time

Rather than trying two different models successively and then making the comparison, prefer to test two different models at the same time one at each foot. You will be able to see the shoe that is the most beautiful to your foot and also the one in which you feel the best!

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