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There are a lot of components to designing, developing and hosting a website. Once the website is past the planning stage, these elements fall into a few broad categories – User Interface Designing, Content and not to forget Development.  There are some components that a LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix services Company concentrates on, which have to be part of a website for it to be successful.

Top SEO components for websites:

Good Design: Visual appeal is so important for websites that if one is not designed right, it can drive traffic away.  First impressions are key – so make sure to keep the design simple and clean.  A good design will keep a visitor’s attention long enough for them to look around.

Good Interface: User interfaces have to be friendly and form the foundation to a good website.  Website designers should take into consideration that the average user may no t be tech savvy and make it easy to use from that perspective.

Primary Navigation tools: Part of navigating a website includes finding the right tabs to get to other areas and information.  Navigation tabs have to be kept above the fold so that it is easy to understand and find. Consistency is important as well – keep the primary and other navigational links in the same place throughout the site. Remember to repeat navigation information in the footers as well.

About Page: Make sure to design a great About page as it offers visitors insights about the company, their services and other interesting aspects.  People tend to be curious and feel connected if they read information about the person/company they are doing business with.

Contact Information: This is the next most important page – one has to include ways for visitors to get in touch.  If there are several methods to contact like phone numbers, fax and email, include it all so that clients can get in touch and hire you.

Search Feature: If the website is large, it pays to include a search feature so that information can be accessed easily.  It can be frustrating to go through many pages without being able to find relevant information.

Subscribe feature: If a blog or website offers information and updates on a consistent basis, offering visitors the option to get this right to their mailbox is a great tactic.  It is a good way to build up a customer base as well, for those companies which offer multiple products and services.
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